Data Dynamics

Data Dynamics Webinar

This 30-minute video from May 2019 provides an overview of the platform and recent enhancements

Data Dynamics is the only free data analytics platform for investors and reinsurers to evaluate the performance of CAS and CIRT transactions.

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Fannie Mae has worked diligently to become the industry standard-setter for single-family residential mortgage credit risk management. With Data Dynamics®, our goal is to provide the greatest possible transparency into the vast amount of data and performance information that Fannie Mae makes available to support our credit risk transfer programs.

The tool is designed to allow users to interact with and analyze the historical loan performance data, deal issuance data, and ongoing disclosure data that Fannie Mae makes available.

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Data Dynamics Access
Available 24x7 at no cost.
Support and training via 1:1 demos, webinars, and investor relations helpline.
Data Dynamics Transparency
View all CAS data, all CIRT data, and our historical loan performance dataset supporting the programs.
Export and download data and charts to combine with other tools or share with portfolio managers and risk departments.
Data Dynamics Insights
Unique insight into risk and performance trends through dynamic, drillable analysis.
Quick access to potential impacts of events (e.g., natural disasters).

Powerful insights and capabilities

  • Aggregate performance of a specific portfolio
  • Compare credit profile of a new deal to outstanding deals
  • View delinquency performance of credit tails and how loans move between states of delinquency from period to period
  • Observe loan disposition characteristics and trends
  • Analyze potential impacts of market events (e.g. natural disasters)
  • Export data for additional analysis
  • …and much more.

Data Dynamics Functionality

Single-Family Loan Performance Data

Click here to access a comprehensive dataset that provides extensive credit performance on a subset of loans that Fannie Mae has acquired since 2000.